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At What's Cooking, children will enhance math skills by measuring solids and liquids, science by observing how temperature changes the properties of food; Colors and shapes by describing and naming foods and cooking equipment and language, culture and customs by learning about different societies, nationalities and ethnicities and what holidays are celebrated.

Cooking and baking classes include:  Mommy/Daddy & Me for the little ones.  Cooking and baking is a true opportunity for quality time and bonding.  And along with the significant emotional benefits, the external benefits are enormous.  You can practice improving fine motor skills, counting, sharing, patience and communication all while cooking and baking.  Plus, cooking and baking a variety of foods encourages toddlers to try different foods.  Cooking with colors, shapes and numbers familiarizes your child with the fundamental building blocks inherent for success in today's early educational system.  Your child will spend one hour each week learning various colors, shapes and numbers through recipes that are focused on cooking and baking all sorts of fun-filled pastries, pies, quiches, paninis, lasagna rolls, mac n' cheese etc. Furthermore, children enrolled in this class will learn to socialize with other children in a group environment securely expressing their individual characteristics.

We offer a Junior Chef cooking and baking class, as well as a Junior Chef Club, for ages 4-7.  These cooking and baking classes are available weekly or monthly.  Children will cook an entree and side dish, as well as bake a dessert. Our goal is for children to be comfortable in a cooking and baking environment while trying new foods.  Our Great Chefs cooking and baking class is the next step in our cooking curriculum.  Children, ages 8-11, will learn to follow and complete recipes, properly measure ingredients, be comfortable handling sophisticated cooking and baking equipment such as stand mixers, food processors, graters, knives and learn proper etiquette.  Our International Cooking Club is for children ages 11-15.  Travel to a new country each week, cooking up appetizers, main dishes and baking a dessert.  It is here your child will learn about different cultures, nationalities and ethnicities.  Cheapest way to travel the Globe!

Children will also learn basic social skills by working with other children and ultimately leave What's Cooking with a higher level of self confidence and self-esteem.  However, the greatest aspect about teaching children to cook and bake is that they have FUN!

**BONUS**Become a What's Cooking? Member by joining any series of Cooking Classes .  Member benefits include DISCOUNTS on most Holiday Workshops.  ALL recipes are nutritious, well-balanced and prepared with fresh ingredients.  Each child will receive a Recipe Book filled with the delicious menus they have cooked and baked.  All classes are totally hands on with stellar recipes that are nut free.

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